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Town Looking for Volunteers for Transit Dependent Individuals
Posted on Sep 29th, 2010

Economic circumstances have necessitated the Town of Castle Rock to continue to re-evaluate what public transit services are available in the community, provided by whom and at what cost to the taxpayers. As part of these considerations, the Castle Rock Town Council is interested in identifying any organizations, businesses or groups of individuals who may have an interest in organizing to provide transportation services to transit dependent Castle Rock residents.
Transit dependent might generally be described as persons without access to transportation for basic needs and services. This could include senior citizens, disabled persons, low income persons, youth or other persons or needs.
The Castle Rock Senior Center currently provides rides to seniors, and some disabled persons, for medical and other types of trips using volunteer drivers to help keep costs down and provide a meaningful volunteer opportunity for Senior Center members. There is no charge for these rides, although donations are requested. The Town and Douglas County provide some financial support to the Senior Center to assist the Senior Center in providing this service.
The Town Council is interested in whether this Senior Center model might be applied to other transit dependent needs and whether there are any other organizations, businesses or individuals in the community who may have an interest. This might be an existing organization who feels it is part if its mission to assist certain transit dependent areas, or people who might have an interest in creating such an organization. For example, if an HOA, a group of HOA's acting together, felt that there are transit dependent residents within its neighborhoods and felt that the HOA might be able to organize and provide services, the Town would like to hear from you.
The Town is in the process of contacting organizations throughout the community about this, and a general news release will soon be issued. If your HOA is interested, please let us know. If not but you know of another organization in the community, or group of individuals in the community, who might be interested, please feel free to share this information.
Any questions, let me know.
Mark Stevens
Castle Rock Town Manager
303 660 1374