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People Reminded to Lock Up
Posted on Aug 10th, 2010

URGENT Rash of recent burglaries, residents reminded to lock doors and windows
Submitted by Councilman "Joe Pro"
Representing District 7 (Castlewood Ranch and parts of Founders Village)
(Note: The towns of Lone Tree and Parker as well as Castle Rock have been experiencing these same burglaries - Joe)
Castle Rock Police report that there have been a string of recent burglaries throughout Town – many could have been avoided by using simple precautions.
“We’ve seen a string of burglaries recently,” said Castle Rock Police Sgt. Tim Ratcliff. “The increase in burglaries seems to fall right in line with the summer months.
Officers report a dozen-or-so break-ins at apartment complexes and houses around town since first of July. Often, the crimes occur during afternoons when most people are at work or away from home. These occur through unlocked doors or open windows.
“Sometimes, people just forget to close their garage doors,” added Ratcliff, “and they end up having a bicycle stolen. We just want folks to be mindful of closing windows and locking doors before they leave home.”
The number of burglaries is not atypical compared with previous summers. The burglaries also are not limited to a specific area of Town.
Questions? Contact Lt. Tim Gorman at 303-663-6107 or tgorman@CRgov.com