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Castlewood Ranch - Email Blasts
Posted on Oct 23rd, 2013

  • Please check your mailboxes, it may be time to have new some new address numbers applied.  I am sure the post office will appreciate it.
  • When checking for weeds around your home, please be sure to check the side of your home that you visit less frequently.
  • Landscape edging (especially the metal variety) should be pushed into the ground and not protrude too much.  I know that we have rocky terrain, however, although it is aesthetically more pleasing, it is not as important as this may save you a trip to the emergency room or the veterinarian.
  • Please check your irrigation lines and landscaping fabric in your mulch and rock beds and be sure to replenish the mulch and rock to properly cover the irrigation lines and the fabric.
  • Tree stakes can be removed once your trees have reached a certain size and maturity.  Leaving them on, may choke the tree.

Join us on Facebook.  I am hoping to plan a photo contest as well as some holiday display contests.  I have noticed some great Halloween displays around Castlewood Ranch and wanted to give a special “shout out” to some folks on Turnstone that I noticed leaving the meeting last night.  Looking good…  I will be driving around and looking at more!!

Thank you!!

Tara Pappenheim
Coummunity Manager