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Crews Working to Remove Ice Build-Up
Posted on Jan 12th, 2010

You may notice ice build-up on streets or sidewalks around Town. This is a seasonal challenge for street maintenance crews and certainly not unique to Castle Rock.
Colorado’s ever-fluctuating temperatures can wreak havoc on street crews. The snow melts during warm daylight hours, only to freeze overnight with cold temperatures.
“We’re concentrating our ice-cutting efforts on the areas of greatest safety concern,” said Public Works Director Bob Goebel. “Sometimes, the ice returns overnight.”
Town streets that have the greatest ice thickness buildup are among those that crews are working first. In total, Castle Rock’s Street Maintenance Operations is responsible for maintaining and repairing 531 lane miles of Town rights of way.
"North facing hills and shaded streets are most vulnerable," added Goebel. “Hopefully, with the week or two of warmer temperatures projected, we won’t have to worry about it for too much longer.”
If you do notice areas of concern that you’d like to report, call 720-733-2462.