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Articles of Incorporation
This document is what initially formed the Association and continues to enable the Association to do business in the State of Colorado.
Articles of Incorporation Addendum #1
This is an addendum making minor modifications to the original Articles of Incorporation.
This document is a set of rules governing how the Association conducts their business.  It describes meetings, notice and quorum requirements as well as the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors.
Sometimes referred to as the CC&R's or Covenants.  This document is the most binding for the Association as it is recorded in the County and provides authority for the collection of assessments, use restrictions, insurance, and maintenance responsibilities for both the owner and the Association.  The provisions of this document are binding upon all owners.
Design Guidelines
A set of guidelines that may provide expanded clarification of the responsibilities of owners and their guests.  This document also provides clarification of landscaping and building guidelines for each home within the community.  It references a DRC Form.  This DRC Form is available by clicking on the link or by contacting the management company.
Please review the New Construction Architectural Guidelines prior to submitting your plans to the Design Review Committee.
Design Guidelines for Parcels 5, 7, 10, & 11 - Filing 2
Detached Garages Guidelines
Rules Governing Detached Garages in Castlewood Ranch
An acknowledgment from each abutting lot must be attached with any architectural request to install a shed or like structure.
Fence Stain Formula
Castlewood Ranch has an approved paint stain.  The formula attached here is from Sherwin-Williams, however, members do not have to use Sherwin-Williams products, but can use an equivalent, provide it is a match to the approved color.  Please click on the link to the left for the formula.
Clarification for exterior lighting.
Accessory Building Guidelines
This is a clarification for Shed Installation requirements.
Alternative Dispute Resolution
This policy outlines a standard procedure should an owner request to meet with the Board to resolve issues, prior to formal legal action being initiated.
Adoption & Amendment of Policies, Procedures and Rules
Provides a written procedure as to how new rules or regulations or the amendment of current rules and policies will be enacted.
Board Conflict of Interest Policy
This policy outlines what constitutes a conflict of interest for a member of the Board and the steps to be followed should there be a conflict.
Collection Policy
This policy outlines procedures and costs that may be incurred for the collection of unpaid assessments as well as how payments will be applied to delinquent accounts.
Conduct of Meeting Policy
This policy provides for the proper procedures to be followed for calling a meeting and how business is to be conducted at either a Membership Meeting or a Board of Director meeting.
Reserve Study
This policy addresses the need for periodic reserve studies, funding of any work recommended by the reserve study and protected sources of funding, as well as whether the reserve study is based on physical or financial analysis.
Investment Policy
This policy provides for proper procedures for investment of the association's money they hold in their reserve account (savings account) that is used to pay for large capital projects such as replacement of common area fencing.
Insurance Certificate
The insurance policies are specifically provided for the coverage of all Association commonly owned property as well as providing liability, directors and officers, and fidelity coverage.
Records Inspection Policy
This policy details when and how an owner can inspect the records of the Association.
Enforcement Policy This policy outlines how any infractions of the rules will be handled from the initial violation through hearings.  Additionally, the fine schedule is detailed within the policy.


Covenant Violation Form

Direct Debit (ACH) Form

Third Party Disclosure Agreement

Transparency Policy