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  • Who is the Board?
    The Castlewood Ranch Board is comprised of five (5) homeowners that own homes in the community.  The Board Members are volunteers and they do not get paid to participate as Board members.  The current board members are:
    Steve Peterson, President
    Daniel Surratt, Vice President
    Eian McKinley, Member-at-Large
    Richard Levin, Treasurer
    Robert Anderson, Secretary

Covenant Control
  • My neighbor has excessive weeds. Are they receiving violations?
    Although we are not permitted to discuss the details of other homeowners accounts, we have more than likely noticed your neighbors weeds and they have entered the violation process.  If you are still concerned that we have not sent a letter, you are welcome to send a written complaint that includes pictures and we will, gladly, send a letter, while keeping your name anonymous.

  • How do I obtain the Governing Documents for the Association?
    The Governing Documents for the Association are available through this website under the "Documents" section.

  • What color do I stain my fence?
    Fences in the Association are stained Beachwood.
  • Where can I obtain the stain for the fences
    Fence stain can be obtained at the KWAL store in Parker.  It is located at 18403 Longs Way, Parker, CO 80134.  Their phone number is (303) 840-4947.  You are also permitted to color match the stain and utilize another brand.

  • How do I make a Dues payment?
    Payments for your monthly dues can be mailed to:
    Castlewood Ranch Master Association
    c/o HG Management
    P.O. Box 5368
    Denver, CO 80217
  • What do my Dues include?
    The dues that you pay quarterly include trash/recycle service, common area landscape, common area snow removal and insurance. 

  • How do I replace my mailbox?
    Mailboxes, on occasion, need to be replaced.  The mailboxes for Castlewood Ranch are provided through www.janzer.com. The mailbox for the Association is JB-TPE.  You are not required to use this vendor, however, if you choose to utilize a different vendor the mailbox must match exactly to include lettering.